Saturday, 3 May 2008

Election night special

The dust has settled and life pretty much goes on the same...

I was pleased Sian Berry, the Green Party candidate came in 4th place in London Mayoral contest with 77,000 first preferences. If the election was a beauty contest, Sian would've walked it. Their list vote was up too and they've managed to keep their two seats on the GLA. Hey, there's nothing wrong with treading water.

The BNP's Richard Barnbrook came in 5th in the London Mayoral contest with 69,000 votes and he also will now sit at City Hall in the GLA. What an endearing image - Richard flanked by Jenny Jones and Darren 'Dazzler' Johnson sharing the tea and biccies.

In the South West GLA seat the big news is that Andrew Constantine, leader of the Free England Party, beat the English Democrat candidate by nearly a thousand votes. I can see this being a topic of contention within English Nationalist circles for some time to come. The English Democrats didn't score too badly in the GLA - 4000 odd being their top score. To notch up 10,000 Mayoral votes for Matt O'Connor who had already withdrawn isn't so bad either, considering the EDs blew it big time with that sorry affair...

The NF, whose national membership is somewhere between 1 and 200, did very well in the five GLA seats they contested, their highest score being 11, 000 odd. The NF name still clearly carries a lot of weight.

The figures for the Left List were not disastrous for them but not spectacular either. Also ol' Danny Lambert of the loveable Socialist Party of Great Britain picked up 1500 votes in Lambeth. I once met Danny in my youth. He came to politics rather later in life than me and showed great zeal for the SPGB's style of utopian socialism, always wearing a big smile. The SPGB are the NF of the left. They have nowhere near the NF's popular appeal, but like them, they plough their own furrow, they know they're right and it's nice to see them standing.

I was a tad disappointed by the Green's performance at council level - a net gain of only five brings their number of councillors up to 116. I think the BNP gained around 10-15, taking them up to about 70. Actually, the BNP getting a seat on the Greater London Assembly, has saved party chairman Nick Griffin a lot of argy-bargy I think. The council performance was not spectacular and failing to get a GLA seat might have sparked a grassroots rebellion in the ranks. Of course, now Nick must be eyeing up Brussels for next year. A tenner says he'll scrape in as an MEP.

I couldn't bring myself to trawl the internet in search of the truth, but web-based title-tattle has it that the Socialist People's Party, based in Barrow-in-Furness (you couldn't make it up) have taken a couple of ward seats from Labour up there. And the Democratic Labour Party in Walsall just missed out on glory, apparently.