Friday, 9 May 2008

Alex, where's yer troosers?

Gordon Brown wants to take that Wendy Alexander down a peg or two. Fancy calling for a vote on the very existence of the Union without running it by the gaffer first.
Basically, what our Wend' tried to do was put the jitters up the SNP by getting Salmond to call a referendum which, deep down, he knows they'll loose. But by-passing the Labour hierarchy and treating the Labour Party like it was some decentralised, federative outfit...yer card's marked, lassie.

Mind you, I can see Alexander's logic. Get the scots to reject the SNP's reason for existence, then point out that there is now no point to the SNP which leads on to Labour reclaiming power north of the border.

English nationalists need to bang the drum down here for Scottish independence - they need to tell the Scots that we want it too. Scots & Sassanach nationalists need to support each other against what in the next few years will be a barrage of unionist propaganda and scare stories.

Another year another headache for Nick Griffin. Kirklees BNP councillor (and part-time songsmith) Colin Auty is running for leadership - See here . Auty doesn't seem to be part of the the Voice of Change lot, but they are backing him nonetheless. However, Auty will do well to beat the 9% Chris Jackson got last year. I think the majority of BNP members are unaware of the splits in the party's activist base and won't want to change the regime. Griffin might be a tad worried that his members might be getting a bit restless if the modest gains of the past few years don't kick up a gear next year. Given the socio-economic conditions, the BNP should be making better progress than it currently is.