Monday, 21 April 2008

Soldiering on...

You've gotta hand it to the NF, they don't give in. They're standing in five of the 14 Greater London Assembly constituencies and a few council seats elsewhere, particularly in their old Brum heartland. The relatively strong London showing, is, I think, partly down to them hoping to capitalise on the fact that the BNP are being very sneaky and only standing in the one GLA constituency (City & East, which includes their Barking & Dagenham heartland) What they appear to be doing is concentrating on they Mayoral campaign/top-up list and really throwing their resources into City & East where, on paper, they look to score well.

The England First Party are standing in what, deep down, must be a very disappointing 7 seats - mainly in their Lancastrian redoubt, but also one in Milton Keynes and one on the Isle of Wight, which might go someway in combating their 'Northern' image.

The English Democrats are contesting around 60 seats, slightly down on last year, but basically they're holding their own. Incidentally, the English Democrats are no longer mentioned in Searchlight magazine as being 'fascist'. This might be because the editorial board has actually got round to reading the ED's manifesto.

I've just read the London Mayoral booklet with a page each from all the candidates. What's Lindsey German's Left List logo? A big red soviet-style star! That's really 21st century, voter friendly.