Saturday, 26 April 2008

...The second time farce

I remember being gutted when Garry Bushell pulled out of the London Mayoral race for the English Democrats. And I was in a similar state yesterday morning when news broke that Matt O'Connor, Bushell's replacement, had followed suit. The English Democrats' press release has cited personal problems, while O'Connor told the media "I should have checked them out more" It's easy to jump to conclusions with this quote. Maybe Matt meant the party was rather less professional than he had hoped.

When O'Connor was unveiled as Mayoral candidate back in January, he was previously unknown to me, but on seeing his CV I thought he'd do. I thought he looked like a contestant on Dragon's Den or The Apprentice, but he seemed up for it and able, something that was confirmed by his triumphant election broadcast - by far the best of any of the minor party's efforts in my humble opinion. The question is though, with the deadline for withdrawal of nominations long gone, why did he jump with just a week to go? His name will remain on the ballot so what's the point, it's not as if he was looking at a landslide victory, despite the ever-optimistic proclamations of party grandee Steve Uncles. This double whammy can be viewed however,
with a pinch of salt. English nationalism is undoubtedly on the ascendant, as the song goes - it's just one of those things you put down to experience.

One of the the benefits of a globalised era has got to be the glorious youtube. You can watch all the election broadcasts if you miss them or live outside our nation's capital (hang on, is that Winchester?) In all honesty, I reckon the English Democrat's (ill-fated!) Mayoral one was the best - very slick, in-yer-face, TRUTHFUL.

I was expecting something a bit more professional from '"today's BNP", as their Chairman eloquently put it. It had all the right ingredients, it was just dreadfully portrayed, I thought I was watching 'Acorn Antiques'. I did like the smiley wheelie bin, however.
For the Greens it was a similar scenario: it had all the right bread & butter issues, but we could have done without it looking like the new series from cbeebies.

The Left List was standard fair - bring the troops home, a young woman in a hijab, NHS. The most amusing thing was Lindsey German, the List's Mayoral candidate looking like she's just got back from a night on the tiles and not being as confident as some of the other comrades featured

St George's day was partially visible round my way - the flag flittering from several public buildings, pub and motor vehicles. Its on the rise for definite, but like the English, it's taking it's time.
May Day and the 1000 pastimes that are associated with it is nearly upon us, a wonderful time of the year and a Merry May. Some celebrate the ancient festival of Beltane at this time. It's also that great marker in the English year - end of football, start of cricket.