Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Happy St George's Day

Greetings on this, our saint's day. I wish all English patriots good health. i feel good about today, despite one of my colleagues (a bit of a character) doing his best to cast a dark cloud over me on the one day when we're allowed just a tinsy-winsy bit of national pride. This morning I asked him innocently if he intended to raise a glass to St. George. This is the response I got:

What?! F***ing England?! I hate the f***ing place! It rips you off. The price of f***ing bread's doubled in two years. You can't afford to go out, buy some nice shirts, can't afford to f***ing smoke - not ALLOWED to f***ing smoke - "Get outside, you filthy B*****d!!" ...F***ing pit!

Although momentarily crestfallen, I took heart at this diatribe. My football loving, real ale quaffing mate, was just as English as me - we are a nation of moaners - he was just confirming a national stereotype.