Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Maltese cross at Third Position candidate

Surely there can be nothing of interest regarding the recent general election in Malta? Depends if your me or not...The centre-right slightly outdid the centre-left in the island's 8th March poll. But there seems to be two anti-globalist, third position-ish, nationalist parties active over there, albeit seemingly unable to capture the average Maltese imagination. Azzjoni Nazzjonali (National Action) picked up 1461 votes (0.5%) But Imperium Europa , a pan-europeanist, third positionist grouping led by the strangely anglo-sounding Norman Lowell, only managed 84 votes (0.03%) with Lowell as the candidate. The Greens/Alternattiva Demokratika did slightly better picking up 3,810 (1.31%)but not enough for any seats, by the look of it.