Sunday, 9 March 2008

The German's are coming!!

Of course everyone knows that household name of a political party, RESPECT, has split. This is a recurring theme of your common & garden post-war left. But one lot took the name...A snag John Rees and Co are now getting around by standing as the Left List in the Greater London Assembly elections with SWP veteran Linsey German their mayoral candidate. Obviously, cde German will walk it - London's workers are crying out to go along to drafty community centres to hear Linsey as the main speaker along with 'a rank & file FBU militant (i.e. a long-standing SWPer) and some bloke from Iran. No doubt Bob Crow will stick his oar in. Ken & Boris won't be happy. Thousands of Londoners now won't need to vote BNP now that cde German's on the case. Thank God for the workers' vanguard. This is a woman that once referred to BNP voters as 'scum'...

Another mayoral candidate who really should know better is veteran right-winger Dennis Delderfield of the New Britain Party ( i.e. him and a couple of mates. The BNP's Richard Barnbrook must be livid at this blatant plot to split the populist vote...or maybe not.

Talking of political no-hopers, Veritas are touting for candidates for this May's local elections. "No previous experience necessary" says the official notice. Vanity in the extreme.