Monday, 14 January 2008

Teflon BNP

Despite the latest shenanigans including the cops raiding Sadie Graham, the BNP managed to take 28% of the vote in the Ibstock & Heather ward by-election in NW Leicestershire last Thursday - just 63 votes away from snatching the seat from Labour. Joe Public is oblivious to the internal problems of the party, so as far as popular appeal goes, it's business as usual for the party. Apparently there were 60 odd local activists out campaigning and this in an area that has supposedly been worst hit by the rebellion. It's almost certain GLA seats are in the bag come May.
Incidently, the rebels are about to launch a 'Voice of Change' pressure group to influence BNP trajectory and are wisely NOT planning a new party. Hurrah!

Talking of the London elections, a leading English Democrat, Andrew Constantine, has resigned from the party's NC. They've just had a meeting to select a Mayoral candidate of which Andrew was one. This has been caused by Garry Bushell stepping aside apparently due to other work commitments. As I write, no name has been announced, but if I were a betting man I'd wager Constantine's resignation is because he's lost out to Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Matt O'Conner who has just joined the Party. A bit of a protest from a seasoned activist being upstaged by a celeb Johnny Comelately? Of course I could be way off the mark, but losing Bushell is a blow to the EDP -O'Conner hasn't got as much pull. The BNP are set to benefit from this