Saturday, 5 January 2008

Tear up the rulebook

One of the more interesting of anti-globalist tendencies that have emerged in recent years is National Anarchism (or 'National-Anarchism' if you prefer). Whilst it can hardly be described as a mass movement (there are just a handful of propagandist groupscules and websites) it's potential lies in its adherent's willingness to jettison rigid dogma and speak cruel truths about both the state of play for anti-capitalists (the outlook is extremely grim) and the human condition (it's highly unlikely we are all going to agree on all adopting one alternative political system, so we should aspire to build our own and not pass judgement on others)

It has been a difficult birth. Predictably derided by dogmatists from both the left and the right, today's small band of national anarchists must be reminded of that old Buzzcocks song 'Shot By Both Sides'. Drawing parallels with the Third Position, national anarchists vigorously refute charges of fascism, racism and communism alike.

A rather scholarly N-A website, National-Anarchist Campaign, is unfortunately now defunct. It was maintained by one David Michael, an ex-BNP member, who it would appear is something of a pariah to some on the right, and indeed other national-anarchists (but that's life, eh?!). His writings were brutally honest about the present ideological poverty of the left and right. However the site's FAQ and a 'Plan of Action' can still be read here and here .

Some other sites that espouse national anarchist arguments are, from the US: Folk and Faith and a group from the Bay Area. And from Down Under there is the New Right group, who, I believe, are the first N-A group to have a street presence.
Will National anarchist ideas gain an audience and appeal or will they be killed off by the Old Guard? Time will tell. While syncretic ideologies are nothing new, one thing all anti-globalists can learn from the national anarchists is that if we really want to build viable alternatives to the present set up, we've got to swallow our pride, live and let live and tear up the rulebook. We have to recognise that we can't take on the system head on. We must start simply ignoring it as much as we can in our own sweet ways. Unfornately I fear, this reasoning will fall on the deaf ears of too many sectarians in all camps.

Although it boasts an electoral system more confusing than a road map of Milton Keynes, election time in the good old US of A is always a time to illustrate that American politics doesn't end with elephants and donkeys.

The traditional left always manage to launch a campaign and this time around it's the Socialist Party of the USA throwing caution to the wind. The left in the States has always been stronger than you might think, from the IWW to the CPUSA, although it is a safe bet that the SP's Brian Moore is not going to be sat in the Oval Office this time next year.

The Greens are going for it again (in 2000 Ralph Nader bagged them 2.8 million votes - and arguably let Dubya in)

Another lot to look out for are the paleoconservative Constitution Party with a platform that's anti-UN, NAFTA, GATT and WTO (Yeah! Death to the New World Order!) They are also anti-immigration, Pro-Life, anti-porn, anti-gay marriage and anti-income tax.

The Libertarian Party (who were once mentioned by Ned Flanders in an episode of The Simpsons) are also hoping to do well. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is close to the LP and may stand for them if he fails to win the Republican candidacy.

MINORITY REPORT - Titbits from the Outer-limits
The Electoral Commission have fined the BNP a grand for not getting their 2006 accounts in on time.
The Griffin/Graham rift seems to have calmed down a bit. In a diplomatic move Griffin has given many of the rebels an amnesty, but only time will tell if this episode has done them any permanent damage.

I read in the Daily Telegraph this week that there has been a sharp decline in pub skittle alleys in recent years. Yes, another part of our heritage dying (and anyone who thinks pub games aren't 'heritage' don't know the meaning of the word) So what's replacing them? Yeah, bloody dining areas...still there's always the big American-style Bowlplex out of town, eh!

The culprit (aged 24 and old enough to know better) who vandalised the Statue of King Alfred in Wantage this week has at least shown a bit of remorse by turning himself in. I'm not so much angry with him as pitying him. Here is someone whom, I suspect, only identifies with the plastic modern-day McWorld...unless he's some kind of extreme Brythonic nationalist I suppose.

This coming Monday is Plough Monday, the first after epiphany. Traditionally the start of the agricultural year, a village plough is brought into the church to be blessed before it's took out to turn the earth ready for sowing. In some areas it was first dragged round the village by the plough lads who sang and begged for a coin or two.