Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Er...Maybe not

It seems that I was a little premature with my assertion that the English nationalist milieu seems to be rallying around the English Democrats Party. Former EngDem NC member and prominent London activist Andrew Constantine has now left the party altogether in protest at the majority's opposition to full English independence. It seems as though a new party calling for full independence is in the offing.

I see independence as a positive step and support it fully, but sadly I don't see much potential in a new pro-independence party making much progress, not because I think English independence will not attract popular appeal - I think it will - but because it is nye on impossible for small parties to to gain a significant foothold in the political arena. Even 'titans' like the Greens, UKIP and BNP are miniscule when you look at the big picture. If a pro-independence party does come about this year, I wish it all the very best and will admire its spirit, but I'd fear for its future all the same. My advice to activists is to stay in the English Democrats, bite your lip, build the profile of the English cause, fight for a maximum GLA vote in May - then come out fighting after the elections and win the party for independence. Look at the infrastructure, membership and resources the EngDems has. Use it! Can you really afford to start from scratch?