Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Anymore for anymore?

Following on from the news that a new political party (pushing for full English independence) is about to come into the world, this month has seen the birth of another one. The Libertarian Party (UK version) has been signed up with the Electoral Commission by disaffected UKIP types, from what I can gather. Go get 'em boys! risk of being labelled a doom & gloom merchant - Wake up and smell the coffee. Look at the last few years: Veritas, UKPopDems, Popular Alliance, Populist Party, New Nationalist Party, Freedom Party, England First Party, Grassroots Democracy Party. Let's not deal with the 'left' we'll be here all night. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely admire people who think they've got what it takes to go it alone, but with the exception of a few localist concerns, such as the Community Action Party based in Wigan and couple of other places, any new initiatives have fallen by the wayside or have failed to gain momentum.

MINORITY REPORT - Titbits from the Outer-limits
Amid reports of disarray among the BNP 'Voice of Change' rebels, they managed to pull off a seemingly successful conference last sunday, with talk of a leadership challenge. Watch this space, as they say.

Saturday February 2nd marks Candlemas and also Imbolc meaning In the Belly or Oimelc, meaning Ewe's milk It is a time of rebirth, when the days grow longer, the sun stronger and when the life force shows signs of ascendancy.