Friday, 30 November 2007

Yeah, baby, Yeah!!

The Green Party of England and Wales have used a bit of good ol' fashioned common sense and voted in favour of formal leadership. Jolly good.

If I wasn't so mature and non-sectarian, had the Yes campaign lost in today's referendum, I would've titled this post 'Gormless Greens' or 'Effing Tw*ts'. However I'm over the moon they romped home. My spies tell me the full results were:

Votes for 2,634 (73%)
Votes against 963 (27%)
(with 8 spoilt papers)
The turnout was 48.3% with 3,605 ballot papers cast.

This is a defeat for the anarcho/libertarian - wing of the Greens, but there's no point being anarcho/libertarian if you're just poncing about talking amongst yourselves.

However, despite wanting to go "Ner, ner, ner" at Wall and co, I urge all Greens to unite now and stand firm and move forward together. There's a lot of talented, committed Greens of all shades and they need to stick together to fight the globalisers and their running dogs.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Carry On Up the Balkans

The Croatian elections have thrown up some notables. The regionalist Istrian Democratic Assembly look to have picked up two or three seats (Istria covers parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) while it seems the Greens will miss their first seat by a whisker.

The Serb minority Independent Democratic Serbian Party, who call for 'cultural autonomy' and 'regionalism and decentralisation' but spoil this by being pro-EU, are heading for three seats. The nationalist Only Croatia - Movement for Croatia seem not to have gained representation despite a cool election slogan: 'Down with traitors! For home, Croatia! No to EU! No to NATO!'. That's proper old sloganeering that, innit?! Just like they used to do 'em.

Titbits from the Outer limits

UKIP splits!! Well, not really. Someone from UKIP's Grassroots Democracy platform has just thrown the toys out the pram again and formed his own Grassroots Democracy Party. Another one for the One Man and a Dog fraternity. This 'development' has prompted one UKIP partisan to quip it won't be long before he's approached by Veritas offering merger talks. Speaking of which, when is Dear Leader Patrick Eston gonna announce to the world how the Veritas/UK PopDem/Freedom Party negotiations are going (if at all) I know of at least one sad git who'll lend an ear.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Cry Harry, England and St Edmund!

I'd like to wish my reader a happy belated St Edmund's Day for last Tuesday (20th)
Edmund the Martyr, King of East Anglia, was executed by the Danes in 869AD by being tied to a tree and punctured by a hail arrows, so the story goes.

There are some who maintain that Edmund was the original patron saint of England and a growing band today that demand that he should be. At a time when St George is making a bit of a comeback, maybe it's not such a good move, but certainly the English could make room for Edmund in their hall of fame as part of the fight for national rebirth. Cry Harry, England and St Edmund!

Titbits from the Outer limits

Maybe, like me, my reader needs to get out more and knows all about last year's split north of the border twixt Tommy Sheridan's Solidarity party and his erstwhile comrades in the SSP. No doubt, then, that today Tommy's lot are pleased as punch by beating their ex-mates in the Dundee Lochee ward by-election yesterday. I mean, they really trounced them, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that they are the ONLY socialist alternative for the scottish masses. The result? Solidarity 57 votes, SSP 55. There - proof. OK, they didn't actually win (just two extra digits was all that was missing) but they still showed that VICTORY IS IN SIGHT!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Free and independent? Hardly.

It looks as though Kosovo is heading towards full independence today as its Democratic Party, led by ex-Kosovo Liberation Army leader Hashim Thaci, seems the overall winner in elections there.

The Banner broadly welcomes this news especially as twenty seats were reserved for Serbs and other ethnic minorities. It's therefore sad that most Serbs boycotted the poll. However, although it is quite understandable given the present political and economic climate, it is lamentable for anti-globalists that Thaci has stated his wish for Kosovo's entry into the EU. What is independence for if you're going to end up in that horrendous superstate?...Alex Salmond take note!

Titbits from the Outer limits

I wish Green Principle Speaker Derek Wall would stop hanging out with the wrong sort. He spoke at the two different Respect conferences yesterday. I admire his non-sectarianism and evangelism in getting the Green message out, but isn't talking to the the likes of John Rees and Galloway scraping the barrel a bit? I know I should expect this sort of thing from Delboy, but would he be so enthusiastic if the BNP invited him to one of their do's?...Thought not. It seems that - for most - ideological barriers are still too strong. We all need to swallow our pride sometimes. If I can do it, anyone can.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Mixed results in Denmark

The Danes produced mixed fortunes for the disparate forces of anti-globalism today.

The anti-EU/Islamic/immigration Danish People's Party slightly upped its representation in Denmark's national poll. It snatched one seat totalling 25 and remains the thirds largest party in the country. This should please fellow Union of Europe of the Nations bloc members, including the National Alliance and Northern League in Italy and the ultra-conservative League of Polish Families (one of whom's MEPs once had a row with Robert Kilroy-Silk in a lift)

The far-left lost ground - the anti-EU and NATO Red Green Alliance are left with 4 seats (down 2)

Up in the Faeroes the mood seems to be for maintaining the union with Denmark, but in Greenland the pro-independence Inuit Ataqatigiit (Inuit Community) topped the poll. A majority of Greenlanders believe they can stand on their own two feet so who are we to stand in their way?...Just as long as they don't cuddle up to Uncle Sam...

Thursday, 8 November 2007

I didn't see that coming...

So - The Banner has chalked up it's first "I told you so". Well it was pretty bleedin' obvious...Respect - The Unity Coalition (hurr..hurr) have split - and as splits go it's a good 'un. While not quite on the scale of an INLA feud, it's still got pretty nasty - locks changed on party property - the lot! The national conference was due to happen a week Saturday and all pundits where saying the toys would come out the pram then, but they've all done us one better - the fireworks happened at the weekend and now TWO conferences are going ahead on the 17th in true leftie PFJ/JPF style! The accepted reason for this is that George Galloway and his anti-SWP forces knew they wouldn't get a majority at conference due to the SWP swamping it with delegates - something it always orders its cadre to do when they think there's a chance things won't go their way (which is how they knackered the Socialist Alliance a few years back) So now we have yet another new dawn - Respect Renewal with the usual fanfare about how it will be the new champion of the oppressed etc etc. Yeah right. Both will go down the karzy, but what did they expect anyway getting into bed with a load of Asian businessmen, Imams etc. The old left is no alternative, it's dead. It's been dying a long slow lingering death since the 60s. It has to be killed off.

Ironically among those mourning Respect's passing will be the BNP. They publicly welcomed Galloway's triumph in Bethnal Green & Bow - "Asians can have their party, whites can have theirs" - and hoped to benefit from Labour losing a lot of the Asian vote.

Another party that has its fair share of domestic strife is UKIP. Earlier this months 150 delegates met to found a new 'grassroots' campaign in stark opposition to the leadership. They kicked off by publishing a programme that, amongst other things speaks out against Islamification. The best dressed man in politics, Nigel Farage, doesn't want his party looking like a bunch of right-arm raisers. Will he put his foot down? Watch this space.

Talking of UKIP Steve Uncles of the English Democrats likes to tell everyone who'll listen how his party are moving and shaking, but he's teasing us this week. A high profile ex-UKIPer has joined the Eng Dem's NC. But he won't tell us who it is yet. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!

There's a Danish election coming up. The Banner will be interested to see how the Red-Green Alliance and the Danish People's Party do, but apart from that its all a bit dull. Must do better, Denmark - More real rebels please.

Nowhere do I weep more at the onward march of globalism than in pubs. 'Innkeeping with tradition' goes the clever slogan of some big fat corporate brewery owned by someone else who's owned by someone else. Well for once my heart leapt in a pub this week where this witticism is the real deal. Last Sunday I popped in for a pint or two in the Morris Clown, Bampton, Oxfordshire as is every freeborn Englishman's right. What a fine Inn! It advertises itself as 'A True Free House' and we all drank to that. No food (check) supports small brewers (check) friendly gaffer (check). Great atmosphere (check) All this plus it had King Crimson on the Juke Box! I had to pinch meself!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Many a wise word spoke

We all love a good quote. A few words by minds greater than our own can inspire us and sum up in a second or two what we've been struggling with for weeks. So starting today Berrocscir's Banner will be putting some cracking quotes up here. Base your entire existence on them!

To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections - Edmund Burke

Satisfactory world order...cannot be bought about by the reduction of cultural diversity and the creation of a world-wide gray sameness - Clyde Kluckhohn

How this corrupt system would begin to tremble if the enormous revolutionary currents of the left and the right would unite - Michael Kuhnen

Those who remain silent about capitalism should not complain about immigration
- Alan de Benoist

A man does not show his greatness by being at one extremity, but rather by touching both at once - Blaise Pascal

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion - Edward Abbey

Brother, be of good comfort and joyful, for you shall have, in the fortnight that is to come, praise from the commons even more than you have yet had, and we shall be good companions. - Wat Tyler to Richard II, Smithsfield, June 1381

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light - Plato

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Return of the Zydermen!

The Wyvern awakes! The Wessex Regionalist Party seem to be crawling out the woodwork once more. They have a new blog here . Now I'm a proud Wessexman, and I display the Wessex wyvern on my blog here, but whilst I am a big fan of political devolution, I fear that regionalism detracts from english national consciousness and I consider myself an englishman first and foremost. The WRs have every right to pursue their goals of greater autonomy for Wessex, but I prefer much greater powers for existing local government bodies as a way to strengthen local power rather than risking a new assembly or similar tier of government.

At a time when englishness is enjoying something of a renaissance, regionalism, be it West Saxon, Mercian, Northumbrian or whatever, detracts from it, thereby aiding and abetting the globalisers. The English must regain their nationhood before they can enjoy their regional identities.

However I wish the WRP well (unforntunate initials, those!!!) in the sense that they are decentralists and challenge the staus quo. I would welcome a greater profile and would like to see more WR candidates standing in Wessex constituencies at the next General Election. They could certainly try for more the the one seat they managed in 2005 when Colin Bex gained 83 votes in Dorset South. As far as I know they have a parish councillor, but if they targetted a promising ward with foot-slogging, blood, sweat and exploiting the odd local issue or two they might clinch a principle authority seat and build on the publicity it would generate.

Don't forget Guy Fawkes on Monday, or Bonfire Night as us kids used to call it. The origins of the bonfires at Blood Month (as the saxons called November - when the cattle were slaughtered) stretch much further back than 1605...but that's another story.