Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Steady as she goes?

Reports of domestic strife within the BNP are nothing new (at least since the Griffin revolution) and the party always seems to get up, dust itself down, and continue to grow. But reports this week, if true, seem a tad more serious.

There seems to be a growing dislike of Griffin's allies within the top brass which has led to the bowing out of several key figures over recent days. These include the talented Cllr Sadie Graham - a lady, if some sources are to be believed, is a former anarcho-punk and Hunt Sabber (well, there's nothing wrong with changing your mind) The Young BNP leader Danny Lake, and Steve Blake, the party's web editor, are also gone. Others include Scottish organiser Kenny Smith and Ian Dawson, the Yorkshire organiser who has called upon all BNP councillors to resign the party whip and sit as Independent Nationalists. One or two have taken him up and other seasoned observers tip the Epping Forest group to follow suit. Rumours are also doing the rounds concerning the entire Scottish and Ulster executives going.

Berrocscir's Banner does not believe this is the beginning of the end for the BNP, but it could prove more damaging than previous spats. It MAY cause a substantial reduction in candidates and less effective campaigning through loss of funds. What is clear, however, is the BNP brand name is too much of a household name just to disappear overnight.

In a separate development the party's ambitions on grabbing a GLA seat or three next May could have taken a slight knock. In addition to UKIP and English Democrat campaigns which could tempt the more moderate BNP voter. The NF and British People's Party are set to stand in one or two places and may attract the more 'forthright' of the BNP constituency.