Saturday, 22 December 2007

God rest ye...

A very Merry Christmas dear reader. Curb your consumption and keep it simple.

Although a paid up member of Agnostics Anonymous, I am, like Richard Dawkins, very much 'culturally christian'. In a talk in Oxford recently, His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman described himself as a Book of Common Prayer atheist, and I think he speaks for a lot of us in the anglosphere and indeed the West. It's part of who we are - it's in our cultural DNA and part of our identity.

It warms my heart to hear a good carol (O Come All Ye Faithful being my personal favourite) and to watch the Salvation Army band, a kid's Nativity play and the barfly's at Midnight Mass. Last year I had the privilege of witnessing a Mummer's Play in the pub and looking back I think it was the best present I got.

Needless to say, I despise the orgy of consumption - We need to reclaim Christmas.
We need less build-up, pressure, stress. We've lost the heart of Christmas. We need to get back to it's real tradition. The only gift we should receive on the 25th, should be companionship and a hearty meal...well, we can spoil the little ones a bit.

This is probably going to be my last post of 2007. But plans a afoot for '08, including my predictions in the political underbelly in the year ahead and a special look at the new(ish) political current/ideolgy of National-Anarchism within the anti-globalist/monocultural milieu. Bet you can't wait...

Best Wishes to you all. May peace prevail on earth.