Friday, 30 November 2007

Yeah, baby, Yeah!!

The Green Party of England and Wales have used a bit of good ol' fashioned common sense and voted in favour of formal leadership. Jolly good.

If I wasn't so mature and non-sectarian, had the Yes campaign lost in today's referendum, I would've titled this post 'Gormless Greens' or 'Effing Tw*ts'. However I'm over the moon they romped home. My spies tell me the full results were:

Votes for 2,634 (73%)
Votes against 963 (27%)
(with 8 spoilt papers)
The turnout was 48.3% with 3,605 ballot papers cast.

This is a defeat for the anarcho/libertarian - wing of the Greens, but there's no point being anarcho/libertarian if you're just poncing about talking amongst yourselves.

However, despite wanting to go "Ner, ner, ner" at Wall and co, I urge all Greens to unite now and stand firm and move forward together. There's a lot of talented, committed Greens of all shades and they need to stick together to fight the globalisers and their running dogs.