Saturday, 3 November 2007

Return of the Zydermen!

The Wyvern awakes! The Wessex Regionalist Party seem to be crawling out the woodwork once more. They have a new blog here . Now I'm a proud Wessexman, and I display the Wessex wyvern on my blog here, but whilst I am a big fan of political devolution, I fear that regionalism detracts from english national consciousness and I consider myself an englishman first and foremost. The WRs have every right to pursue their goals of greater autonomy for Wessex, but I prefer much greater powers for existing local government bodies as a way to strengthen local power rather than risking a new assembly or similar tier of government.

At a time when englishness is enjoying something of a renaissance, regionalism, be it West Saxon, Mercian, Northumbrian or whatever, detracts from it, thereby aiding and abetting the globalisers. The English must regain their nationhood before they can enjoy their regional identities.

However I wish the WRP well (unforntunate initials, those!!!) in the sense that they are decentralists and challenge the staus quo. I would welcome a greater profile and would like to see more WR candidates standing in Wessex constituencies at the next General Election. They could certainly try for more the the one seat they managed in 2005 when Colin Bex gained 83 votes in Dorset South. As far as I know they have a parish councillor, but if they targetted a promising ward with foot-slogging, blood, sweat and exploiting the odd local issue or two they might clinch a principle authority seat and build on the publicity it would generate.

Don't forget Guy Fawkes on Monday, or Bonfire Night as us kids used to call it. The origins of the bonfires at Blood Month (as the saxons called November - when the cattle were slaughtered) stretch much further back than 1605...but that's another story.