Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Mixed results in Denmark

The Danes produced mixed fortunes for the disparate forces of anti-globalism today.

The anti-EU/Islamic/immigration Danish People's Party slightly upped its representation in Denmark's national poll. It snatched one seat totalling 25 and remains the thirds largest party in the country. This should please fellow Union of Europe of the Nations bloc members, including the National Alliance and Northern League in Italy and the ultra-conservative League of Polish Families (one of whom's MEPs once had a row with Robert Kilroy-Silk in a lift)

The far-left lost ground - the anti-EU and NATO Red Green Alliance are left with 4 seats (down 2)

Up in the Faeroes the mood seems to be for maintaining the union with Denmark, but in Greenland the pro-independence Inuit Ataqatigiit (Inuit Community) topped the poll. A majority of Greenlanders believe they can stand on their own two feet so who are we to stand in their way?...Just as long as they don't cuddle up to Uncle Sam...