Thursday, 8 November 2007

I didn't see that coming...

So - The Banner has chalked up it's first "I told you so". Well it was pretty bleedin' obvious...Respect - The Unity Coalition (hurr..hurr) have split - and as splits go it's a good 'un. While not quite on the scale of an INLA feud, it's still got pretty nasty - locks changed on party property - the lot! The national conference was due to happen a week Saturday and all pundits where saying the toys would come out the pram then, but they've all done us one better - the fireworks happened at the weekend and now TWO conferences are going ahead on the 17th in true leftie PFJ/JPF style! The accepted reason for this is that George Galloway and his anti-SWP forces knew they wouldn't get a majority at conference due to the SWP swamping it with delegates - something it always orders its cadre to do when they think there's a chance things won't go their way (which is how they knackered the Socialist Alliance a few years back) So now we have yet another new dawn - Respect Renewal with the usual fanfare about how it will be the new champion of the oppressed etc etc. Yeah right. Both will go down the karzy, but what did they expect anyway getting into bed with a load of Asian businessmen, Imams etc. The old left is no alternative, it's dead. It's been dying a long slow lingering death since the 60s. It has to be killed off.

Ironically among those mourning Respect's passing will be the BNP. They publicly welcomed Galloway's triumph in Bethnal Green & Bow - "Asians can have their party, whites can have theirs" - and hoped to benefit from Labour losing a lot of the Asian vote.

Another party that has its fair share of domestic strife is UKIP. Earlier this months 150 delegates met to found a new 'grassroots' campaign in stark opposition to the leadership. They kicked off by publishing a programme that, amongst other things speaks out against Islamification. The best dressed man in politics, Nigel Farage, doesn't want his party looking like a bunch of right-arm raisers. Will he put his foot down? Watch this space.

Talking of UKIP Steve Uncles of the English Democrats likes to tell everyone who'll listen how his party are moving and shaking, but he's teasing us this week. A high profile ex-UKIPer has joined the Eng Dem's NC. But he won't tell us who it is yet. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!

There's a Danish election coming up. The Banner will be interested to see how the Red-Green Alliance and the Danish People's Party do, but apart from that its all a bit dull. Must do better, Denmark - More real rebels please.

Nowhere do I weep more at the onward march of globalism than in pubs. 'Innkeeping with tradition' goes the clever slogan of some big fat corporate brewery owned by someone else who's owned by someone else. Well for once my heart leapt in a pub this week where this witticism is the real deal. Last Sunday I popped in for a pint or two in the Morris Clown, Bampton, Oxfordshire as is every freeborn Englishman's right. What a fine Inn! It advertises itself as 'A True Free House' and we all drank to that. No food (check) supports small brewers (check) friendly gaffer (check). Great atmosphere (check) All this plus it had King Crimson on the Juke Box! I had to pinch meself!