Sunday, 18 November 2007

Free and independent? Hardly.

It looks as though Kosovo is heading towards full independence today as its Democratic Party, led by ex-Kosovo Liberation Army leader Hashim Thaci, seems the overall winner in elections there.

The Banner broadly welcomes this news especially as twenty seats were reserved for Serbs and other ethnic minorities. It's therefore sad that most Serbs boycotted the poll. However, although it is quite understandable given the present political and economic climate, it is lamentable for anti-globalists that Thaci has stated his wish for Kosovo's entry into the EU. What is independence for if you're going to end up in that horrendous superstate?...Alex Salmond take note!

Titbits from the Outer limits

I wish Green Principle Speaker Derek Wall would stop hanging out with the wrong sort. He spoke at the two different Respect conferences yesterday. I admire his non-sectarianism and evangelism in getting the Green message out, but isn't talking to the the likes of John Rees and Galloway scraping the barrel a bit? I know I should expect this sort of thing from Delboy, but would he be so enthusiastic if the BNP invited him to one of their do's?...Thought not. It seems that - for most - ideological barriers are still too strong. We all need to swallow our pride sometimes. If I can do it, anyone can.