Thursday, 29 November 2007

Carry On Up the Balkans

The Croatian elections have thrown up some notables. The regionalist Istrian Democratic Assembly look to have picked up two or three seats (Istria covers parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) while it seems the Greens will miss their first seat by a whisker.

The Serb minority Independent Democratic Serbian Party, who call for 'cultural autonomy' and 'regionalism and decentralisation' but spoil this by being pro-EU, are heading for three seats. The nationalist Only Croatia - Movement for Croatia seem not to have gained representation despite a cool election slogan: 'Down with traitors! For home, Croatia! No to EU! No to NATO!'. That's proper old sloganeering that, innit?! Just like they used to do 'em.

Titbits from the Outer limits

UKIP splits!! Well, not really. Someone from UKIP's Grassroots Democracy platform has just thrown the toys out the pram again and formed his own Grassroots Democracy Party. Another one for the One Man and a Dog fraternity. This 'development' has prompted one UKIP partisan to quip it won't be long before he's approached by Veritas offering merger talks. Speaking of which, when is Dear Leader Patrick Eston gonna announce to the world how the Veritas/UK PopDem/Freedom Party negotiations are going (if at all) I know of at least one sad git who'll lend an ear.