Sunday, 7 October 2007

Unveiling the Berrocscir manifesto...

Everyone else has got one, so here's mine:

This blog opposes:

* Globalised economics and markets. Multinational corporations and big business. Banks

* Neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism and neo-imperialism

* Creeping global mono-culture and multiculturalism

This blog supports:

* Decentralised/localised economies and markets. Cottage industries, workers' co-ops and small independent businesses and traders. LETS schemes, credit unions and local currencies.

* Local political and economic independence. Self-sufficient, folk-centered societies

* Local cultures and national identities. Tradition.

This blog also recognises the value of political and economic theories that oppose an increasingly globalised and monocultural world. These include distributism, some forms of socialism and nationalism and strains of Green thought. It also asserts the old Left/Right political dichotomy to be outdated in the 21st century and that new political battlelines should be based on opposition to or support for political/economic/cultural globalism.

One thing I forgot to post here the other week was to wish my reader a happy Michaelmas (pronounced 'Mikel-Mus') Day for September 29th. Nowadays we have World This Day and World That Day but the English calendar is full of wonderful days which mark its traditions and make it unique. Likewise for all other nations and cultures - and I'll drink to that. The English traditional year is peppered with beautiful, sparkling jewels which carry with them the collective social DNA of our nationhood and which permeate our folk memory. So happy belated Michaelmas, dear reader and if I don't forget I be marking future special days on this blog henceforth.

Titbits from the Outer limits

Thank God for that - Broonie's bottled it! Not having a general election until 2009 will help the minor parties prepare, secure more candidates and raise funds. Therefore they are more likely to give the big three a well deserved lesson. Lovely!