Friday, 5 October 2007

Under Starter's orders?

If Mr Broon does finally put us all out of our misery and calls an autumn election, I fear this will catch the minority parties on the hoof a bit. Lacking a professional national infrastructure it'll be hard for many to cope with the bureaucratic nightmare of getting names on ballot papers. If the rumours that UKIP and the BNP are skint are true this won't help them. The BNP might even want to consider a 100 or so seats sacrificing a Broadcast and saving all that extra deposit dosh for next May's locals where they could make gains. UKIP may want to scale down the 400 they stood in 2005 and save up for the 2009 euros where they're bound to do better. Respect, I suspect will be crafty and only stand in a few seats so they can concentrate on targets - they MIGHT pick up one or two seats. The Greens, bless 'em, are expecting to pull out all the stops in an attempt to look like a serious outfit. Commendable, but it won't half leave them out of pocket.

Talking of the Greens their Principle Speaker elections are in full swing. For the boys the two main contenders are Derek Wall (incumbent) arch-leftie and eco-warrior and Darren Johnson the suit wearing Realo. If they have any sense the membership will go for Daz. Much better speaker. For the girls we've got ex- London deputy mayor Jenny Jones versus MEP Caroline Lucas. Not much between these two, but it should be Caroline, really, as in this age of media-whoredom, she's simply the most recognisable. Sorry fundis, you've got to be a hustler if you want to get on.

Oh good! Another foreign election. Ukrainians this week narrowly elected the centre-right bloc of Viktor Yushenko/Yulia Tymoshenko...deep breath...who were standing on the All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland Party/Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defence Bloc ticket. Ah, well another victory for for Globalisation, then. This lot are firmly neo-liberal/pro-American etc. I know the defeated pro-Russian lot aren't angels but it does turn my stomach a bit.

Titbits from the Outer limits

The Green Party's influential Green Left faction seem to be getting pally with the small Trotskyite and utterly useless International Socialist Group. Brilliant. Seem to be on the cusp of more electoral gains, got green issues near the top of the political agenda...Oh nearly forgot - fall in with a load of idiots...great.

The English Democrats like to present themselves as pretty much centre ground. "Not right, not left, just English" they say. What must they think of the Daily Telegraph putting party chair Christine Constable in their Top 100 influential right-wingers?! I wouldn't worry brethren, it's all publicity. Incidentally the EDP claim they now have 93 parliamentary candidates lined up. An impressive figure given their size and resources. But come on guys, I'm just an idle blogger - yesterday you were telling me you only needed 70 for a Party Election Broadcast, now you're telling me it's 106. Please, don't get me worked up.

Since their triumphant showing in 2004 UKIP haven't really had much to smile about. So they must be cock-a-hoop that their autumn conference is getting a good airing on TV and Radio. To my knowledge the arguably stronger Greens only got a bit on the BBC Parliament channel. Has Nige got a mole at the Beeb? Talking of UKIP they managed 90 votes in a Portsmouth council by-election last week. Not much to write home about, maybe but they did beat the English Democrats - a party I believe UKIP to be secretly wary of.

When doing the rounds of political tittle-tattle on the net, I read a claim this week that Veritas are down to SIX members. Believe me, after 20 years of political flirting I can believe it. Must give the anarchoid groupscules a massage though, that. Next to the 'Straight talking' party they must feel like the great CNT of old.