Friday, 12 October 2007

YES for success

The Green Party's leadership debate continues apace ahead of that all important ballot in November. Berrocscir's Banner appeals to all GP members to vote 'Yes' to a formal leadership when the time comes. You are NOT a pressure group or a propaganda campaign - You are a political party, that plays by the system's rules. You CAN make the bigtime and make real changes. A recognisable leader will go a long way in achieving this. If you want to stay on the sidelines in glorious purity vote 'No'.

The case for the 'Yes' campaign is overwhelming. Rejecting it means continued marginalisation.
Here's the YES campaign's site:
...and in the interests of political debate, here's the NO's:

Titbits from the outer-limits

Former MP Michael Meadowcroft has left the Liberal Party (the remarkably durable and relatively successful continuity brigade who carried on after the Lib/SDP merger in '88 - ) to have a reconsiliation with the Lib Dems. The lure of the 'bigtime' is very great.