Friday, 19 October 2007

Eng Dem's ears burning

Although yours truly has always fancied himself as a bit of a pundit of the political non-league, I've tended to keep my predictions to myself lest I end up with egg on my face. So it was heartening to read this week that I'm on the same wavelength as at least one figure from the fringes - Ex-Political Soldier and Third Way ideologue Graham Williamson. In a recent article on his organisation's site (which is always worth a gander - he predicts that UKIP run the risk of being eclipsed by the English Democrats( This is something I've believed could be on the cards for sometime if Robin Tilbrook's lot are savvy enough. In fact you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see this. English nationalism has been on the rise for a decade and the BNP recently adopted the call for an English parliament as official policy in response to it. Coupled with the rise of the SNP this sees the Union at its lowest ebb for 300 years. Williamson also reports that the Eng Dems have been undertaking joint work with Third Way in the latter's Havering fiefdom. This isn't the first time the Eng Dems have worked with what the mainstream media would call the far-right - they are associated with the Freedom Party in the pressure group English Lobby. Berrocscir's Banner believes it's important for the enemies of the political establishment to work together on points of common interest, but on such a media-driven terrain, the Eng Dems, who have a lot of potential with their moderate civic-nationalist message and genuine ambition, need to be wary of liberal-left hacks digging up such titbits to bite them on the bum.