Monday, 17 September 2007

Third Position? It's all Greek to me

I've always found national elections on the continent (that's Europe, I'm a euro-centric pig) more interesting than here in Blighty as you tend to get more extreme voting patterns. Also a bewildering array of parties from all over the political spectrum end up coming away with at least a seat or two.

Yesterday's Greek elections were no exception. OK, the main outcome was not so unusual with the the centre-right narrowly beating the centre-left, and there was the familiar sight of more communist parties than you could shake a stick at all clamouring for proletarian affection (the combined far-left vote was nye on a million - a figure the Brit left can only dream of) But one lot who really caught my eye were the Popular Orthodox Rally. Relatively new kids on the block, they managed to bag 270,000 votes and 10 seats (net gain 10)

Browsing through their programme (i.e. Wikipedia) I was intrigued to read this:

"...the demarcation of the political world in the Right Wing and the Left Wing is not relevant anymore after the end of the Cold War. Nowadays, everyone in every aspect of his or her everyday life is either in favour or against Globalization". The party claims to consist of radically diverse groups that span the entire Left-Right political spectrum. Party president Karatzaferis, speaking on the 6th anniversary of the party's creation, stated "We are united in the only party that has in its ranks labourers and scientists, workers and the unemployed, leftists and rightists..."


That makes 'em pretty much Third Positionists by my reckoning, and going mainstream in Greece? There's me thinking 3P was destined to remain on the fringes for now. The cultural imperialists won't be happy.

I also read today that the prospect of Flanders and Wallonia going their separate ways really IS on the cards. Fair play to 'em, national self-determination and all that...That's one in the eye for the EU, innit?!