Sunday, 23 September 2007

Hardest game in the world

"You a minor party activist, eh? Hardest game in the world that, innit eh?" So might say the Fast Show's Archie. Perhaps the New Nationalist Party's Keith Axon was thinking along those lines last week. He managed to accrue a mere 25 votes in the Brandwood ward by-election for Brum City Council and a whole 265 votes behind his BNP rival in third place.

If there's one thing I've learned whilst wasting my life away political trainspotting, it's that it is easier for a pub side to beat Brazil than for minor parties to break the Lab/Con/Lib stranglehold on political life. The odds are greater still when splinters from minnows throw their hat in the ring. As with so many others, the case of the NNP is, I fear, more to do with personality clashes and inflated egos than with sincere aspirations.

A case in point is last year's Scottish Socialist Party/Solidarity extremely messy split. For a while at least I had thought that maybe the left had begun to actually get things right (no pun intended) for a change. But, no they had to balls it all up and give the tabloid press a field day into the bargain. Result - seven lost MSP's. What's the Latin for 'Don't hold your breath'? I'm thinking of adopting it as this blog's motto.

Titbits from the Outer Limits

A Welsh Community (i.e Parish) Councillor has joined the BNP. Not much to crow about, I grant you, but slightly more interesting given that said councillor is ex-UKIP.

I promised myself when I got this thing up and running that I wouldn't constantly bang on about Respect (Peace be upon them) but the Galloway/SWP split is showing no signs of abating. Come November's conference we should see the familiar sight of expulsions, walkouts and general mayhem. Nice to see the SWP's negative Midas touch still alive and kicking.

A little birdy tells me that the Greens are aiming for half the parliamentary seats in England and Wales whenever Gord decides to go to the country. Their highest score to date, I think. It'll cost 'em, but I admire their ambition.