Thursday, 30 August 2007

Three Little Fishes...

Remember those heady days of February 2005? Makes you go all misty eyed doesn't it? No? That was the month housewives' favourite Robert Kilroy-Silk, who was then a UKIP MEP, got the hump with Nigel Farage because he wouldn't let him be in charge, and went off to form Veritas. For a while things went swimmingly. RKS managed to take UKIP's two London Assembly members with him, plus a few high ranking party officials and UKIP branches started defecting quicker than you could say 'Amber Solaire'. In the May General Election they managed to stand 65 candidates which is no mean feat for a party only three months old.

But then the familiar 'breaking the mould' dream dive-bombed. Only RKS himself managed to save his deposit and he jacked it all in come July. The great white hope of populist 'silent majority' politics had died...Well, not quite. Veritas is still limping along without Kilroy.

The populist, euro-sceptic, anti-immigration right has, in recent times, fractured in a fashion akin to the far-left. After Kilroy's resignation some Veritas members broke away to form the Popular Alliance boasting a sole parish councillor. And other similar groupings like the Populist Party and UK Popular Democrats have sprung up, even if they haven't exactly caught the public's imagination.

Now, in a refreshing non-sectarian move Veritas leader Patrick Eston has called a pow-wow of these centre-right minnows.
While only the UK PopDems and the BNP-splinter Freedom Party are going along next month, the English Democrats have also expressed an interest. Now call me an old cynic, but I have to question their motives. I'd say their intention is to go along and say where the others are going wrong is that they're not in the English Democrats - in an SWP stylee. You see, compared to Veritas, UK PopDems and Freedom Party, the EngDems, with over a 1000 members and already approaching the magic 70 parliamentary candidates to get a party political, they are positively titans compared to the others (I'd stick a ton on Veritas, PopDems and FP having less than 100 members each) Time will tell, but I can only see the EngDems seeing this as a recruitment opportunity. Maybe the Three Little Fishes will indeed swim over the damn and join up with the Momma Fishy...