Monday, 20 August 2007

Crash, bang, wallop - wot a picha!!!

Gor Blimey! Garry Bushell, who was recently selected by the English Democrats Party as their 2008 London Mayoral candidate, has landed himself in hot water for making allegedly anti-gay comments on his TalkSport radio show.
Garry, who also boasts the support of London's cabbies, has duly apologised. Don't worry, Gal - I couldn't see you picking up much of the 'pink vote', to be honest.
I'm not a Londoner, but if I were I'd be casting my second preference vote for Bushell, as I support the English Democrat's demand for an English Parliament. My first preference? That'll go to the lovely Sian Berry of the Greens. A strange combination? Most definitely!