Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A Greater Homeland - A New Arcadia

My Proposal for a flag of the Greater Homeland of EuroSiberia/Septentrion.
During the course of her history, Mother Europe - our common home - has observed many empires rise and fade. She has watched as we Europeans, her sons and daughters, have built great imperial realms: the Roman and Byzantine; Frankish and Russian; the Holy Roman and Austro-Hungarian. Time and time again the European Imperium has risen and shifted. The one constant  has alway been the European people themselves.  European pioneers journeyed to other continents and built new lands of their own.

Every farm, every hamlet, village, locale, district and region - and every city and ethnic homeland across our Great Europa is special and distinct and unique. But, as is obvious to every European patriot - they are in existential danger from manifold threats - without and within. The European diaspora in North America, Australia and New Zealand face similar challenges. As the European spirit drives further into this third millennium and new crises come into view, the logical remedy to Europa's torpor is to coalesce into a Greater Homeland - Eurosiberia or Septentrion.

Many in the Alt-Right, Identitarian and nationalist milieus will object that this pan-European bloc will crush and wash away our  national, regional, local and ethnic identities and their various expressions - not at all. All the ancient empires did not do away with them, nor will the Greater Homeland. We cannot predict what political dimensions our Greater Homeland could or should take - a loose confederation, a more unified bloc made up of informal ethno-regions; or something else entirely - but in order for our great civilisation to write its next chapter, we need to unite as one: the great people of Europa with our common intertwined destiny.

Modernity and materialism have played no small part in Mother Europe's malaise, which is why we must forge our Greater Homeland within an Archeofuturist ethos. We cannot return to a Golden Age, but we can build a New Arcadia - the New Europeans will sow agrarian hinterlands of provinces with great cities as bustling centres of commerce, learning, innovation, technological advancement and imperial governance.

Our movements - the Alt-Right, Identitarian, whatever we call them - require bread and butter strategies, plans of action; here and now demands and goals. But we also need a vision - a telos. The concept of the Greater Homeland is an ideal contender, because in the long run - and perhaps sooner than we think - it will become an immediate necessity.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Plough Monday Declaration

A grandiose statement no doubt, but as today is Plough Monday; the traditional start of the English agricultural year, I thought it befitting to use it to title my draft founding principles of a hypothetical future Alt-Right/Identitarian Agrarian Platform.

As I mentioned in my post of 3rd December last year – the Alt-Right and Identitarian currents have priorities set for the immediate future - and I do not advocate that proselytizing for agrarianism is among them. However with momentum continuing, I believe new ideas and elements will emerge from our movement over time, which will hopefully augment Alt-Right and Identitarian credos. I am confident that
Agrarian principles not only complement Alt-Right/Identitarian schools of thought, but can also contribute to the positive idealism that will be necessary for our movement to move forward. The arrival of an organised agrarian platform (or caucus or network) will mean that this idealism will be enriched by the anti-consumerism, pro-land, pro-community, anti-globalist principles that are present within agrarian thinking.

One promising recent development is the emergence of the UK-based Rural Conservative Movement and its manifesto - which I read is currently taking shape. I invite those Alt-Righters and Identitarians with sympathies or enthusiasm for ruralism and agrarianism to take a look at the RCM’s fledgling website.


1)    To promote and propagate agrarian ideas, ideals and principles within the Alt-Right/Identitarian movement and our allies.

2)    To encourage individuals within our movement to consider careers within the agricultural, forestry, conservation, green energy, horticultural and permaculture sectors. To encourage allotment keeping and greater self-sufficiency skills and practices within and around our movement.

3)    To encourage individuals within our movement to consider rural living and rural lifestyles complementary to our traditionalist principles.

4)    To encourage our movement as a whole to support rural economies, businesses and communities.

5)    To promote environmentalism, conservation and anti-consumerism within our movement.

6)    To develop agrarianism further within an Alt-Right/Identitarian framework through education, discussion and debate.

7)    To celebrate and promote rural traditions and folklore by holding or attending events which will help in our spiritual and cultural wellbeing in the face of globalist modernity.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

A clarion call for an Agrarian Alt-Right

A popular Alt-Right cliché
With the Alt-Right and Identitarian milieus proceeding apace, we know our immediate task is to focus on the promotion, nurturing and defence of European ethno-identity and culture.

These are our priorities, and we should not seek to change that until we have attained a critical mass, replaced the mainstream political right and put our people's tribal identities, heritage, values, cultures and traditions firmly in the arena of social discourse.

Once we have achieved this goal - and of course this will only be bought about  after great struggle, setbacks, temporary defeats, huge battles and sheer determination - our best minds can begin the job of building up a broad cohesive (but carefully non-dogmatic) Alt-Right/Indentitarian worldview. As well as exploring the usual social, political, economic and tribal outlooks, our think-tanks should look at how the Alt-Right/Identitarian vanguards can offer a positive alternative to the liberal-mindset. So what has caused the decline of our civilisation? Many factors - one of them consumerism. I'm convinced that the Alt-Right and our allies,  in order to present a clear vision for future generations, will need at some point to adopt an anti-consumerist message. It would be easier than one might think. We should ask our people what would they rather have: a huge wardrobe, bling, a new iPhone every year - or strong communities, loving families, comradeship and proud nations? Most would choose the latter. Our movement (I dislike using this word, but I believe that the Alt-Right/Identitarian current is on the cusp of becoming a movement in the true sense of the word) can look no further than Agrarian philosophy for moral guidance. The following is from good old Wikipedia:
M. Thomas Inge defines agrarianism by the following basic tenets:
  • Farming is the sole occupation that offers total independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Urban life, capitalism, and technology destroy independence and dignity and foster vice and weakness.
  • The agricultural community, with its fellowship of labor and co-operation, is the model society.
  • The farmer has a solid, stable position in the world order. He "has a sense of identity, a sense of historical and religious tradition, a feeling of belonging to a concrete family, place, and region, which are psychologically and culturally beneficial." The harmony of his life checks the encroachments of a fragmented, alienated modern society.
  • Cultivation of the soil "has within it a positive spiritual good" and from it the cultivator acquires the virtues of "honor, manliness, self-reliance, courage, moral integrity, and hospitality." They result from a direct contact with nature and, through nature, a closer relationship to God. The agrarian is blessed in that he follows the example of God in creating order out of chaos.
Do not these positions neatly fit with Alt-Right aspirations? Our civilisation has become spiritually weak and drunk through affluence - therefore the Alt-Right can adopt Agrarianism as a positive ideal and cure for the decay. Coupled with environmentalism (what good our proud nations if their homelands are sickly?) Agrarianism has potential to provide our movement with a guiding credo that can radically appeal to the millions of our people restless in a world bereft of a soul.

Of course, I'm not advocating the Alt-Right publicly declare war on the city, industry and technology - a balance must be struck - but the ethics and moral outlooks of Agrarianism feel almost tailor-made for a social force seeking to restore tribal identity to the European diaspora. If others within Alt-Right and Identitarian spheres feel the same as I do, I encourage them to study, spread and propagate Agrarian ideas among their colleagues, contacts and organisations.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Introducing Thyrsis

I have completed the first draft of Chapter II of a novel I am writing with the working title Thyrsis. I hope for the emerging Alt-Right to develop a diverse counterculture to the liberal mainstream with it's own music, art and literature. With this in mind I have begun this project and I hope it encourages other far more talented people to create Alt-Right cultural forms.

I have never attempted anything like this before. I am not saying it is of any merit. It may break dozens of literary rules and I don't expect it to be published. I am writing primarily for my own enjoyment and, as I have said - to hopefully help build an Alt-Right counterculture.

As  a work of fiction it is for entertainment purposes only. I do not advocate the scenarios depicted to occur in the real world. You can read Chapter II's first draft here.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A moot point

A call for a World Congress of the Alt-Right

As we know, although the term Alt-Right has been in use for around a decade, the milieu has only gained real momentum in the last eighteen months or so, and has only really started to develop into a real movement in the past year. Assuming this rate of progress continues, is now the right time to begin planning a World Congress of our movement? I vote yes and propose the event take place in the USA in the autumn of 2019, over the course of a fortnight. 

Yes I'm thinking big (hence the timeline). A project on this scale will need a co-ordinating committee comprised of the best within our ranks. The plan would be for the gathering to be a real world event that will truly propel us into the mainstream.

Why would the Alt-Right benefit from such a gathering? What would be the point? I'd argue: A) for morale B) to share skills, tactics, info, knowledge and resources C) to debate, network, educate, learn, build relationships and trust D) to generate publicity and E) to plan ahead for the long haul.

Invitations would go out to delegates from all Alt-Right, Identitarian, neo-reactionary, nationalist and other similar groups and currents across the European diaspora. The itinerary would include rallies, marches and speeches, a press conference, Q & A sessions, discussion panels, socialising/entertainment, talks and fringe meetings. Just as importantly however, organising and planning for the future would play a key role - workshops on a myriad of subjects would involve the following: skills sharing, training in IT, social media, web design, propaganda, journalism, fundraising, public speaking/oratory, and how to debate our opponents. 

Developing our perspectives in areas hitherto overlooked by the Alt-Right, such as economics and environmentalism, could be on the agenda. Discussing special projects such as Alt-Right community building - creating networks to support Alt-Right families and businesses - laying the groundwork toward creating an Alt-Right 'state within a state' - could also feature.

While expressly political options could be explored, ideological uniformity would not be a goal of the Congress. I believe the Alt-Right should continue to develop as a diverse counter-culture to liberal hegemony, concentrating on the social and cultural spheres. That said, the Congress could hammer out a declaration of core principles which could give our movement unity of purpose, including a code of conduct to help minimise in-fighting (usually caused by money issues, personality clashes and ego) promoting good faith and co-operation. 

Obviously security and vetting would have to be prioritised and professional. It should also be apparent that any project on this scale will take serious financial backing, effort and dedication, but I can see so much energy and talent within the Alt-Right, I know this is achievable  - so who's up for it?!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Extra! Extra!

Something I’ve been pondering for a good while now is that even in this digital age, there is a continuing need in post-Brexit Britain for a nationalist/populist street paper.

Now the argument that political/cultural discourse and ideas are now the preserve of the internet is a valid one. Alt-Right vlogger Millennial Woes recently concluded that political debate and culture are now born of the net, and they trickle over into real life. But it's obvious that there are millions of Brits that are not declared nationalists, nor politicised. They don’t engage in politics or think about the great ideas. I believe that there are countless of our fellow countrymen and women who are broadly patriotic, nationalistic and tribal by nature and instinct, and that they need to be harnessed in some way. I’m not suggesting that a new generation of leaders will materialise from the streets – the vast majority of our people will never be activists in any way. But a future nationalist leadership is developing on the net right now. It is this vanguard that needs to shepherd our people behind them (every elite needs a broad base) and a new nationalist, Alt-Right counter-culture needs to extend its reach out to the general populace - This is where a street paper comes in.

What I envisage is a non-partisan nationalist - populist paper with a non-sectarian editorial policy, that will invite and carry articles and opinion from across the nationalist, traditionalist, conservative and paleoconservative spectrum – from civic nationalism and the Tory right, through to the Alt-Right, Identitarians, traditionalists and other new tribal radicals. Simply called The Patriot, the object of the paper will be to form public opinion into a broadly nationalist/anti-globalist direction. Its aim would be to normalise nationalism and provide a hub by which a wider nationalist base can develop and revolve around.

In style and content, a fine balance between tabloid and quality will need to be reached. With regular and guest columnists airing opinion on current affairs, issues of the day and big stories/events, alongside them will go exclusives and campaigns with the paper being lively in tone without appearing ‘trashy’. Special investigations on issues that the mainstream media won’t touch could also prove a winning formula. Naturally, this new title will make full use of social media. Efforts will be made for as wide a distribution as possible through newsagents, but great spectacle could be provided by volunteer street vendors (whose personal safety would be prioritised and paramount).

Perhaps initially a monthly, with a view to weekly, the first few issues will be free and there after set at 50p – no one will buy it if a pound was asked. Of course, an endeavour like this will necessitate serious financial backing – over to you Arron?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Forward to the New Squirearchy!

The year revolved around the village, the festivals round the year, the church round the festivals, the Squire round the church, and the village round the Squire. The Squire was our centre, a crumbling moot tree; and few indeed of our local celebrations could take place without his shade.
                                                                  - Laurie LeeCider with Rosie

We all want to see the Alt-Right go mainstream. We want to see it reach that critical mass where its ideas and tenets are normalised. This will mean recognising realpolitik to a large extent. Playing to populist tunes guided by our agendas. But it is important not to lose sight of our ideals. During the media's brouhaha in the wake of that speech of Hillary's, Richard B. Spencer was pressed on the idea of the ethno-state. Correctly, he likened the notion to the left's goal of communism - the ethno-state is the Alt-Right's land of milk and honey, but of course it's not up for discussion today or next week. However, although our immediate tasks are to challenge liberalism, egalitarianism and globalism with the primacy of race,  race realism, identity, nationhood, hierarchy, traditionalism etc, it is vital we retain a visionary ideal. A spiritual dimension that can satisfy the romantics, while all the dull, profane political battles are taking shape.

I propose that ideologues within the wider Alt-Right should be considering the adoption of agrarian schools of thought as legitimate ideals. I am of course not suggesting the reintroduction of serfdom - it's not a selling point. However, rural ways of life and economies correlate with Alt-Right thinking. Ruralism is a noble, morally superior state of existence to urban living which is susceptible  to alienation, degeneracy, deracination and consumerism. I'm not suggesting Alt-Right ideology should become exclusively agrarian - we cannot all waltz off and be farmers - but agrarianism deserves a place at the table.

Agrarian lifestyles and the advocacy of them by social movements such as what hopefully the Alt-Right will become, are a basis for the elevation of tribe, homeland and people - because they provide a secure, organic basis for those sentiments. They provide the conditions for national, spiritual rejuvenation which industrialism and city life cannot. Of course we need some level of industry, as I've touched on before, but the plough should command the prime reverence.

In addition I (only half-jokingly) propose the Alt-Right adopt the policy position of a future benevolent hierarchy that I'll call the New Squirearchy. Land ownership could take many forms in an Alt-Right framework, and a Neo-Manoralist model (with a strong sense of justice and the knowledge that 21st Century populations must be fed) is one I suggest. After the great counter-revolution, where a new gentry has emerged through merit and great deed, land ownership has quite naturally fallen to them as agribusiness becomes an unpleasant memory.  The new squires should provide a sense of belonging, loyalty, comfort, continuity and duty - attributes whereby we might win our ethno-state sooner than we would guess.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Be prepared

Many of us have interests we fear make us look decidedly nerdish and I will confess mine here. For the last few years I've been a keen novice prepper. I won't elaborate too much as I don't really feel qualified to. Besides, there are dozens of websites, blogs and youtube channels dedicated to prepping where interested parties can have their questions answered.

I know prepping can be held up to ridicule, but I recommend the basics to anti-globalists. I don't know what the future holds, but if socio-economic upheaval does happen then being a half-clued up prepper would be advantageous.

I only have a simple Bug-out bag - a basic kit for emergencies, and if there's a power cut, I'm sorted for illumination with my solar charging kit (pictured).

My aim is to go totally off-grid, but that's some way off. I think prepping and off-gridding is something nationalists of all shades should consider. So too is growing vegetables. I started an allotment this year and have found it both rewarding and productive. Stocking up on clothing and toiletries are things I've started recently also.

Away from prepping, years ago I made the conscious decision as an anti-globalist to buy clothing and footwear from charity shops, jumble sales and car boots.

Small steps like these can help in weening we nationalists off our dependence on the globalist/consumerist machine we want rid of.